A journey of blossoming into Being


Each of us is here on their own beautiful, wondrous, expansive and magical soul’s journey. All aspects of who you are as well as everything you have ever done contributes to who and where you are now. In this moment. Cherish yourself and all what you are and were, not with a sense of ego to an identity, but with the celebration of knowing that you are a unique expression of source, that you are spirit made manifest.

The beautiful Vedic tradition in India accentuates that we hold the divine within each one of us as well as being all together encompassed within the vastness of divinity.

We are in times of global awakening in which masses of people suddenly wake up from having been deeply unconscious, in which they suddenly experience energies within them, have spiritual gifts open up or realize how their own energy, belief systems and patterns create and define the reality that they perceive and experience

All of us who have chosen to come here at this „point“ and know consciously that we came to support the Earth and the change of paradigm we are presently in, came here to embody unity consciousness often inside very dense and distorted structures and help through our own being to expose, transmute and release distortions and seperation in different fields of life.


Our embodiment is the bridge building principle that re-connects spirit and matter in everyday life. Everyone has their own specific gifts that they come with and everyone brings new awareness into different fields of life. Some of us show and uncover the distortions and how spirituality has been split off from art, health, nourishment, work, healing, interactions, food, relationships, religion and much more. Your life, all that you have learnt and the challenges and inner programs that you have faced give you an idea in which areas of life you can shine your light, serve and contribute to what we all want and are building: a conscious society. New Earth!

Many people are looking for outer guidance and there are many beautiful people out there who all help and contribute with their own sharings, voices and gifts to show others the way. Unity consciousness is the way forward. Everyone contributes and shares from their heart. We all inspire through our own truthful living and walk each other home.

The ancient Yogic ways were always simple, yet incredibly profound and efficient, they would be no-nonsense and yet deeply spiritual, and they would be timeless and could be practiced from anywhere and anybody.


Your own breath, your own physical body, your own voice, your own energy body is always available to you. You don’t need internet or anything external. You learn how to utilize and make peace with your own inherent tools and as a side effect you learn that you are always and at any point enough and that you carry within you at all times all that you need to assist yourself.

My offer to you is a way how I connected East and West, profound ancient Yogic understanding and awakening times so that it serves YOU NOW. I teach Yoga for Ascension, the New Earth, for raising your frequency and for deleting obsolete programs, so that you can step into your own potentials and live in and as the new paradigm for this Earth.

All of the Yogic and inner journeys that I offer will assist you to reflect you back to who you are- on all levels. They will respect the process of your spiritual path and ascension journey, be in-depth and self-empowering, they might challenge you when realizing your own patterns and projected realities and they will always point you back and reconnect you stronger to your own guidance and voice. They also bring you back into your body, into the present moment and connect what might have become seperated inside of yourself as well as to the acceptance and love that is you.

It would be my honor to walk alongside your journey and reflect back to you the unique potentials, wonder and light that you are. 

With love,

Evelyn (Eve) Einhaeuser

All photography and texts on this page by Eve Einhaeuser




Each one our own "stories" is in truth a collective memory or story that we came here to transmute. Get to know to me and my journey.

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Sometimes it is great to walk with a friend who mirrors, reflects and points us back to who we really are. Check out the different sessions that I offer to remind you of who you are.

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