My (ongoing) Journey

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If I look at my own journey here in this life in a somewhat linear way, my strongest interest has always been about exploring the divine, that voice and force inside of us, which guides, manifests, pervades and connects us all. 

I have always been fascinated with the spirit being expressed through and in the many and how at the same time in the many you can always see the "one". This underlying oneness and the divine principle has been honored, taught, communicated with and revered by the ancient spiritual traditions around the world, and when you look at different mythologies, symbols, understandings, and stories you will always find a sharing and transmission of the same truths. 

That which links and underpins everything can be found in different literatures, in diverse healing modalities, in modern quantum science as well as in indigenous and traditional perspectives, in the earth, animals and humans, in the stars and planets and galaxies and in all of life and existence really. Ultimately, there is something that connects us all beyond man-made borders of culture, country, language, education, gender, etc.

It asks us to see and perceive through the lens of oneness and with the unifying eyes of love, and walk through life with the guidance of the (higher) heart.

In our lives, we have all been exposed to different forms of strongly embedded separatist views and dualistic perceptions within society that have existed for eons and were written into our DNA, "me" against "them" and all forms of hierarchies, rich and poor, body separated from mind and soul, divine masculine/divine feminine, higher self/lower self, human/multidimensional being, 3D/ 5D, god or anything spiritual existing only outside of yourself, and the list goes on...  

I have learned in my awakening process that we can stop this separation only through one thing: becoming aware of all of our own seperatist ideas, notions and beliefs and re-integrating, reuniting, remarrying all aspects of ourselves back inside us. This is how we heal and this is how we project different realities for all. This is what I am here to share.

When you can drop the judgment and reintegrate what you perceive as good and bad inside yourself, when you finally accept your past as much as your present, when you remarry good and bad, spirit and form you create a space of absolute stillness, and in that space, something incredibly precious is born: balance. You witness and experience the perfection of the universe.

My life has been a story of polarities and I am here to show you the harmony that happens when we come back to the middle.

I have learned so much from the "duality" of West and the East ( I have lived in India for four years), I have co-created a wonderful journal called "Synergies in Healing" in which I linked ancient understanding and modern science through interviewing ancient wisdom holders as much as modern scientists( check out


I have been blessed to be trained as a Yoga Teacher, Vedic Chant Teacher and Yoga Therapist to find ways in which other people can be assisted to integrate that which has become separated inside themselves.

I’ve gone through initiations, trials, ups, and downs and have received huge transmissions through beautiful people, nature and spirit.

My own integration, the unification and weaving of all of me back into oneness and the acceptance of my life’s experiences is my frequency and what I carry in my field. It will serve you to re-integrate and stand in your own inner light, guided by your own heart, ready to bring your own soul’s gifts to this world.

May we all find ourselves unified inside on and through the sacred path of Yoga.