May you always walk in Spirit following the compass of your own higher heart.
— Evelyn Einhaeuser (Her Walking in Spirit)

Welcome to your own Remembering


In our lives, we usually encounter a lot of teachers, guides and manuals. We learn how to drive a car, how to operate electronic devices or how to earn money. We might at the same time consult spiritual guides, practice Yoga, read books and visit a seminar to find out about our past lives. But something seems to be always missing.

What is missing is the awakening within and the reconnection to our-”selves”.

What is Awakening?


Awakening means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Awakening is the fundamental discovery that you are more than this body or this identity. Awakening is an unlearning and new awareness at the same time: you see that there is more to life than what has been taught to you in school and by society. Awakening often comes about with a crisis in your life and a deep surfacing need to restructure and live more soul and heart-centered.

But awakening is not just a different awareness that you suddenly hold in and for your life. That different awareness is also connected to an inner change of frequency or vibration. Something in you (your energy body) has quite literally “woken up”. This will also mean that you can suddenly feel or see energies that beforehand only seemed to be some ancient theory or wishful thinking, or that you can feel energies to a much stronger level than before. You might be able to feel cakras, nadis, etc. inside your own body or become even more sensitive to the energies around you. Or you might suddenly get insights, channelings, connect to different multidimensional aspects, etc. The door inside, the door to your own spirituality, has been opened.

Yoga For Awakening

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Most people forget that traditionally, Yoga was not meant to be a way to stay fit. Yoga was a healing modality as well as a spiritual path, deep esoteric philosophy and a practice whose goal was the freedom from suffering.

Yoga means “union”, the re-connection of your body and mind, of your breath and the body, your heart, and mind, your feminine and masculine, spirit and matter. If these terms sound abstract to you, what they ultimately point to is integration. We integrate heart and mind to become one composite being, we integrate our spiritual self into our earthly human form. We integrate what we have done in the past with what we are meant to do in our future. The foundation for all integration is acceptance. We accept all of our aspects, all of our life, our experiences, our mistakes, our shadows, our gifts, we move from a place of constant search to a place of finding.

We become integrated.

An integrated human being “walks in spirit”. He or she accesses his or her own divine guidance and intuition and “walks in it”, it means acts upon it. Human self and spiritual self become one, the one acts as the compass and the other one becomes the “Pathfinder”. In Yogic understanding exists the metaphor that spirit is like a disabled man who cannot walk. Whereas matter or the body is like a blind man, not seeing and therefore not knowing where to walk to. If the blind man takes the disabled man on his back and both work together, they will find their way. Spirit guides, matter acts and enables experiences. We need to respect both in our lives on this earth.

Yoga for Awakening- The Yoga and Transmission Series


This series is the first of it’s kind. It is a program that builds bridges between ancient Yogic wisdom and modern ascension mechanics, the divine masculine and the divine feminine voice, structural elements and intuitive guidance, active and receptive parts. It is a holistic program to work with and on yourself. This program is offered to you to open you up, to assist and support your own awakening and transformation journey. The series includes the sacred Yogic knowledge and teachings that I have been blessed to receive on my journey, but also strongly guided elements that “wanted to be part” of each module with the only intention to serve you. And I also included elements and “How to’s” that I have found helpful along my own journey.

Each module consists of 4 powerful weeks of transformation regarding a specific topic. Each topic offers two personalized ancient Yoga practices, two audio meditations and frequency transmissions, an ancient sacred chant, several ‘How to’s’ and a beautiful audio and video integration.

It is a program that takes you further into your own energetics and soul and opens you deeply, that inspires the seeds that you hold to sprout and blossom, but it is also a process that empowers you to unify those parts of you that might still feel off or have been disconnected along the way.

It is a program of and for your own inner synthesis, for your own union within. For your own awakening.

May it lead you to the end of all searching and the start of finding.

With love and deep honor and gratitude for your own journey,

Namaste! <3

Evelyn Einhaeuser



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