I am here to enhance your findings, rather than your seekings.
— Evelyn Einhaeuser (Her Walking in Spirit)

Individual Sessions

Additionally I offer private one-to-one sessions that help you go and work deeply with and on yourself.

Journey of Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy is an ancient practice also called Yoga Cikitsa or Yoga Cikitsaka. 

Yoga therapy sessions target dis-eases and imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains through and with the tools of Yoga. The greatness of Yoga Therapy is that it helps you activate your own healing potentials and works on several layers of your being at the same time. It also offers you a strong inner support for whatever challenge you might go through.

Yoga Therapy only works with tools that are inherent to your own being: your body, your breath, your voice, your energy body, your mind. It teaches you therefore how to work with where you are at and who you are (on all levels) and brings you back to a state of inner connection with your higher self.

These sessions are not just helpful for diseases, but assist you when you go through your own awakening and ascension process or through transitional phases in your life, because they offer practices that faciltate peace, the calming of the mind, as well as clarity.

Yoga Therapy is for everyone at any age, as it offers a whole range of tools that are chosen for each person individually, therefore it can but must not contain asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, bhavana (visualizations), mudras and bandhas (energetic locks), nyasa (placements), mantras, ahara niyama (diet recommendations) and vihara niyama (lifestyle recommendations).

My Yogatherapy sessions are taking place in person or over Skype, therefore you can participate from anywhere around the world. After an initial consultation you receive your own individualized practice that you will need to practice on your own every day (no worries, the practice is adapted to you, meaning also the duration of the practice is chosen in a way that fits into your daily life and schedule). We then meet regularly (usually bi-weekly or monthly) to discuss changes, improvements, transformation, etc. Often times I also take people in nature, because she supports any form of healing!

First two sessions (evaluation and practice,)  100 Euros

Follow-up sessions (50 minutes each)              88 Euros

5 session pack 350 Euros

Bank transfer within Europe or Paypal available

For more information or to book a session email to EvelynEinhaeuser@gmail.com


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 Yoga means “Union” and it is the union between all parts of yourself. It links you back to the wisdom of your body and your breath in the same way that it links you back to the aspects of your soul, your own life “story” and that part in you that is eternal, whole and free.

My Yoga sessions are more about assisting your life, your spiritual path, your ascension journey or your life and soul purpose than about certain asanas (physical postures). I use the whole gamut of Yoga’s tools to find an adequate practice for you. This might contain postures, but also breathwork, meditation, visualization, placements of hands, energetic locks, and chanting/mantras.

My sessions help provide a safe space in which you can raise your frequency, delete programs, and find back to you. I hold an incredibly safe space for people to be and feel yourself.  Sessions can take place either inside or outside in nature. Also available over SKYPE.

Costs of Session: 60 minutes/77 Euros

Pack of 5 Sessions: 300 Euros


The Vedas are the sacred texts of India, perceived by the Rishis (the ancient seers) in states of deep meditation. They contain very specific mantras and chants that have a powerful impact on your own energy body. Vedic chants were kept secret for generations and were only allowed to be chanted by the priest sect of India for centuries. Only in the last 50 or 60 years have these powerful chants been made accessible to the public. There is a distinct differentiation between Vedic Chanting and the chants we normally hear, as Vedic chants are seen to originate from the divine and therefore have a different strength and impact on the one who chants or listens to them.

Chanting can be used for healing, for building strength, for centering, for calming, but also to clear yourself or your house ( Evelyn can also come and clear your space) and environment from negative spiritual influences. They are also an incredible way how to calm our minds and find our own voice.

Sessions can take place inside or outside in nature. Also available over SKYPE. Costs of session:  60 minutes/55 Euros

5 sessions 200 Euros