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Beyond the threshold of polarity, we are invited to experience the transparency of our being. In that formless state, purity is unveiled”- Her walking in spirit

There is “either” and “or”, and then there is an expansive field in the middle in which all polarities are included. That space is your original state and in that state, “either” and “or” merge back into oneness.”- Her walking in spirit

To the pure, all things are pure”- St Paul, Titus 1.15

The honest untainted aspect which is not dissolved and by itself that which nourishes every other element in creation.”- My Star Compass

In this module you will be:

  • Nourishing Your Physical Body (“Annamaya”): rekindling and strengthening the digestive fire, supporting the body’s alkalinity, clearing toxins, becoming more fit and healthy, gaining awareness about the importance of an adequate diet for your awakening process

  • Nourishing Your Energy Body (“Prāṇamaya”): cleansing nadis (energy channels), transmuting dense energies, supporting the processing and “digestion” of past trauma, clearing different forms of polarity programming (especially victim- perpetrator and connected superiority and inferiority related energetics in the cell memory), clearing negative relationship cords, clearing absorbed energetics from other people, establishing expansive realities through gratitude, forgiveness and humility

  • Nourishing Your Mental Body (“Manomaya”): becoming aware of some of the most common negative thought patterns and programs and how they influence your perception and projected reality, clearing the mental plane, removing judgement for self and others, connecting your mind’s intelligence with your heart field, establishing neutrality

  • Nourishing Your Behavioral/Personality Body (“Vijñānamaya”): How a framework of Yogic attitudes can purify and harmonize your perception and actions and builds a strong ground for a less filtered reality

Program Outline Module 1: PURITY

Week 1:  

  • Purity Yoga practice (30-45 min) that incorporates clearing breathwork, mantra and energy seals. Strengthening the inner digestive fire, transmuting dense energies and assisting with the processing of residual dense emotions and cell memory.

  • Aurora Elemental Clearing and Healing Transmission: reconnection to the own higher self guidance principle, re-encryption of the physical, mental , emotional and spiritual body, clearing negative force energies and attachments, removing dense polarity programming, syncing of the heart’s and brain’s intelligence, building coherence between matter and spirit

  • HOW TOs:

    • How diet and lifestyle influence thoughts and behavioral mechanisms. How the gunas tie into your health. Becoming more alkaline, understanding which kind of diet and lifestyle “balance” you and make you less acidic, as well as generating purity, longevity and health

Week 2:

  • Purity Yoga practice

  • Ancient Mantra Healing: Vedic purificatory chant clearing negative karmic imprints and energies

  • HOW TOs:

    • How to clear yourself energetically. Understanding blue and red light spectrums and their dynamics in your own template. How to clear yourself from energies absorbed from others (especially helpful for empaths and highly sensitive people)

Week 3:

  • Individualized Purity Yoga practice (30 minutes) focusing on the energetics of elimination and “letting go”of cell memories:  forgiveness mantra, energy seals, specific breathwork. Eliminating negative densities, releasing stuck emotions and past traumas, opening the heart to forgiveness

  • A blessed blossoming seed from the Goddess: Purity Transmission and Meditation. The return to Oneness.

  • HOW TOs:

    • How to release Judgement. How Yogic attitudes can help purify your energetics and what kind of personal observances and interpersonal attitudes are recommended by ancient Yogic philosophy and what their benefit is

Week 4:

  • Integration and Balance. Purity Twin Video Transmission and Meditation.

The package overview (4 weeks course):

  • Two personalized one-to-one Yoga practice sessions (Week 1 and 3)

  • One ancient healing purificatory chant (Audio recording: Week 2)

  • Two audio meditations and frequency transmissions (Audio Recordings and Videos: Week 1 and 3)

  • Three “How to” audio recordings and videos (Week 1-3)

  • One integrative video transmission (Week 4)

Together for the Exchange/ Price per Module: 250 Euros (inside EU plus VAT)

Incredible Artwork: Daniel Wamba