“I came with what felt like a heavy bag - an emotional load - to my 8 days of personal retreat with Evelyn in Ericeira and I left feeling so full - full of faith, full of hope, full of love and full of energy. I felt so much alive, at ease, at peace, vibrant, vulnerable, free, happy and energetically released.

 During those very soulful and intense days, I allowed everything to arise, to be there and to go again. Everything that emerged had its allowance to be there, without judgement or negation. In this whole realizing and transforming process Evelyn gave me the space I needed to be, to feel and to heal. I felt so safely guided by her presence and spirit. Whenever needed she was there with her supporting and generous being.

My days had sessions almost every day, such as yoga therapy classes, pranayama, vedic chanting classes, or meditation and they took place inside or in nature. To connect me stronger to my own intuition we went to a place called Sintra, deep into the forest and through listening to our own inner voice we were guided to a wonderful spot of this earth. This day was one of the most magical and magnificent days that I spent there, being fully able to feel my pure presence and being deeply connected with my inner self and everything around me, everything on that particular day just felt perfectly fine and in its place.

I really hope that I'll get the chance to repeat this extraordinarily experience one day. Words can't describe the loving and self-accepting change I went through. I'm so very much grateful for the moments I could spend with this beautiful and shining soul in this beautiful country. - Silke S, Germany


“I came to Ericeira for a 4 days retreat with Evelyn in order to relax after a few exhausting years at all levels in my life. 

Our daily yoga therapy sessions included asanas, pranayama, and mantras; and, together with the discussions with Evelyn and my own reflection time, they allowed me to make sense of many observations about my general health, that I had not previously been able to understand and address. Through the sessions I reconnected with my body and worked with my breath in a new way — which even as a yoga teacher myself, sometimes practicing on your own all the time you can lose sight of what you are actually doing! The practice I received to take with me allowed me to re-engage in my own personal practice back home with a renewed sense of purpose.

I was already so happy to give myself some « me-time », but thanks to Evelyn’s deep care and wise guidance — not just in the sessions, but in every one of our conversations —, this week in Ericeira was truly healing. I am leaving with a full heart, body recharged and inspired to create what is to come. 

I do believe in the words of Ram Dass that « We are all just walking each other home », and I’m so glad that Evelyn is making herself available to guide others on their unique paths. It’s such a precious gift to be held and cared for in that way, especially for us helpers/teachers/empaths of all sorts :) Thank you Evelyn - I’ll be back for sure! “- Marie Gabrielle A., Belgium