An Online Yogic Journey through Your Energetics

  • 11 powerful modules that assist the unfolding of your subtle anatomy which complements your awakening process

  • A kinaesthetic, visual and auditive journey that guides you each month

  • Ancient Yogic tools will be presented in ancient ways that catalyze deep spiritual awakenings

  • A reintegration of the Sacred Divine Feminine Voice into ancient traditional teachings, a balanced course with structural (Divine Masculine) and intuitive elements (Divine Feminine)

  • A holistic course that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual plane of your existence

  • A program that journeys through your subtle body, your energy centers and channels (cakras and nadis) in authentic ways

  • A process of empowerment: You are not just passively receiving, but learning how to use ancient practices on and for yourself

  • A support for your own awakening process and understanding of your subtle anatomy

  • A clearing, an unlocking, an activation, a harmonizing and a stabilization

  • A journey that raises your consciousness and deepens your own awareness, connection and intuitive guidance

  • An ancient path towards spiritual awakening and liberation

  • This program is for you if:

    • You want to wake up your energy body

    • You want to create a stronger link to your own presence and inner guidance

    • You want to spiritually awaken

    • You want to work deeply with the ancient tools of Yoga

    • You want a balance of divine feminine intuitive elements and well evolved masculine structural elements in a program

    • You are looking for a program for personal growth

    • You are interested in deeply transformative work that helps you bring your own potentials to life

    • You want to also be empowered in the transformation process rather than just passively receive

    • You are interested in further unlocking your own energetics

    • You are looking for support on your own ascension journey

    • You are ready to show up fully in this world

    • You feel a deep call to be one of service to the world and want to step into your next phase of mastery

    • You struggle with certain topics in your life (creativity, standing in your own light, inner peace, purity, stability, etc) and would like to work on these spheres of consciousness

    • You feel guided to join

This is the first program of its kind that brings Yoga back as the spiritual energetic discipline that it is, that combines active and receptive features, one-to-one sessions and self-study material, structural points as well as intuitive guidance.

It follows a holistic approach that targets the physical as well as the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual plane of your existence. It is a balanced format created with the intention to open, strengthen, support and assist your very own awakening journey.

Each module consists of 4 weeks of powerful transformative work based on:

  • 2 powerful personalized ancient Yoga practices that incorporate energetic seals, mantras and specific breathwork (one-to-one sessions)

  • 3 empowering audio “How to’s” that support your energetic unfolding and your own self-discovery

  • 2 assisting audio meditations and frequency transmissions to activate, clear, balance and harmonize

  • 1 supporting ancient mantra chant

  • 1 integrative video transmission

Exchange Price per module is 333 Euros per module.

(Photo Credit: @Mohammed Nohassi on Unsplash)

Spheres of Consciousness/ The Modules:

out_1556703907813 (1).jpg

Pre-Module: Purity: Building a Foundation for Energy work:

A complete clearing/Re-Set on all layers of existence

In this module you will be:

  • Clearing Your Physical Body (“Annamaya”): detoxing, rekindling and strengthening the digestive fire, supporting the body’s alkalinity, clearing toxins, becoming more fit and healthy, gaining awareness about the importance of an adequate diet for your awakening process

  • Clearing Your Energy Body (“Prāṇamaya”): cleansing nadis (energy channels), transmuting dense energies, supporting the processing and “digestion” of past trauma, clearing different forms of polarity programming (especially victim- perpetrator and connected superiority and inferiority related energetics in the cell memory), clearing absorbed energetics from other people, establishing expansive realities through gratitude, forgiveness and humility, innerstanding “oneness”

  • Clearing Your Mental Body (“Manomaya”): becoming aware of some of the most common negative thought patterns and programs and how they influence your perception and projected reality, clearing the mental plane, removing judgement for self and others, connecting your mind’s intelligence with your heart field, establishing neutrality

  • Clearing Your Behavioral/Personality Body (“Vijñānamaya”): How a framework of Yogic attitudes can purify and harmonize your perception and actions and builds a strong ground for a less filtered reality, innerstanding unity


module 1:


ABUNDANCE: realizing your source value

In this module you will be:

  • Nourishing Your Physical Body (“Annamaya”): stabilizing your bodily base, allowing your basic needs to be met and establishing a fundamental feeling of security in life, building a foundation and “standing” in your physicality, “descending” fully into the physical plane, learning to love and care for your physical vessel, strengthening the earth element within your physical structure, reconciling with density and matter, improving the functioning of the eliminating organs and allowing to “let go”

  • Nourishing Your Energy Body (“Prāṇamaya”): Connecting and grounding into the earth, learning how to draw nourishing energies upwards from the earth and how to release unwanted energies into the earth, accessing planetary energies in the base of the spine and starting to expand your energetic presence, clearing karmic imprints through your ancestral lines

  •  Nourishing Your Mental Body (“Manomaya”): transmuting mental thought patterns of low self-value, releasing diverse forms of anxiety and fear through a stronger connection with the earth and the universe, targeting lack consciousness and correlated mental thought-forms in yourself and your ancestral lines

  • Nourishing Your Behavioral/ Personality Body (“Vijñānamaya”): Realizing your own inner abundance, realizing yourself as a microcosmic depiction of the universe