An Online Yogic Journey through Your Energetics

  • 11 powerful modules that assist the unfolding of your subtle anatomy which complements your awakening process

  • A kinaesthetic, visual and auditive journey that guides you each month

  • A combination of ancient Yogic tools with modern ascension mechanics for deep transformation

  • A reintegration of the Sacred Divine Feminine Voice into ancient traditional teachings, a balanced course with structural (Divine Masculine) and intuitive elements (Divine Feminine)

  • A holistic course that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual plane of your existence

  • A program that journeys through your subtle body, your energy centers and channels (cakras and nadis)

  • A process of empowerment: You are not just passively receiving, but learning how to use ancient practices on and for yourself

  • A support for your own awakening process

  • A clearing, an unlocking, an activation, and a stabilization

  • A journey that raises your consciousness and deepens your own awareness, connection and intuitive guidance

  • In each module:

    • You will receive two individualized ancient Yoga practices that incorporate energetic tools, seals and mantras for each theme/sphere of consciousness

    • You will receive assisting audio meditations, clearings, activations, ancient sacred chants, a sacred transmission of the Goddess and powerful twin transmissions

    • You will receive helpful “How To-s” via recommendations for food and lifestyle (Āhāra and Vihāra Niyamas), suggestions for energetic balance (how to cut cords, clear yourself, etc), a peaceful mind (Yoga philosophy), etc to support your own empowerment

    • You will be offered time for integration and a safe space to share your journey (Facebook group)

  • This program is for you if:

    • You want to work deeply with the ancient tools of Yoga

    • You want a balance of divine feminine intuitive elements and well evolved masculine structural elements

    • You are looking for a program for spiritual growth

    • You are interested in deeply transformative work

    • You want to be empowered in the transformation process rather than just passively receive

    • You are interested in further unlocking your own energetics

    • You are looking for support on your own ascension journey

    • You struggle with certain topics in your life (creativity, standing in your own light, inner peace, purity, stability, etc) and would like to work on these spheres of consciousness

    • You want to connect more deeply to your own guidance and subtle energy system

    • You feel guided to join

This is the first program of its kind that builds bridges and integrates ancient and modern wisdom, divine masculine and divine feminine aspects, active and receptive features, one-to-one sessions and self-study material, structural as well as intuitive guidance. It follows a holistic approach that targets the physical as well as the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual plane of your existence. It is a balanced format created with the intention to open, strengthen, support and assist your very own awakening journey.

Each module consists of 4 weeks of powerful transformative work based on:

  • 2 powerful personalized ancient Yoga practices that incorporate energetic seals, mantras and specific breathwork (one-to-one sessions)

  • 3 empowering audio “How to’s” that support your energetic unfolding and your own self-discovery

  • 2 assisting audio meditations and frequency transmissions to activate, clear, balance and harmonize

  • 1 supporting ancient mantra chant

  • 1 integrative video transmission

Exchange Price per module is 250 Euros plus 19% VAT=Tax (297,50). Each module can be purchased by itself. After the 18th of May, each module will be available for 333 Euros.

The first eight modules are available together for 1728 Euros plus 19 % VAT (2056,32).

(Photo Credit: @Joshua Sortino on Unsplash)

Spheres of Consciousness/ The Modules:

out_1556703907813 (1).jpg

Module 1:

Purity: Discovering YOUR ORIGINAL STATE

Beyond the threshold of polarity, we are invited to experience the transparency of our being. In that formless state, purity is unveiled”- Her walking in spirit

There is “either” and “or”, and then there is an expansive field in the middle in which all polarities co-exist. That space is your original state and in that state, “either” and “or” collapse back into oneness.”- Her walking in spirit

To the pure, all things are pure”- St Paul, Titus 1.15

The honest untainted aspect which is not dissolved and by itself that which nourishes every other element in creation.”- My Star Compass

The module will start on May 18th, 2019

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module 2


More information unlocked soon.

Module will commence July 2nd 2019.



MODULE 4: SOVEREIGNTY (Starts Aug 30th, 2019)

MODULE 5: RESONANCE (Starts SEP 28th, 2019)

MODULE 6: THE VOICE OF AWAKENING (starts OCT 28th, 2019)

MODULE 7: IN-SIGHT (Starts Nov 26th, 2019)

MODULE 8: DIVINE TRANSMITTER (Starts Dec 26th, 2019)